The late but famous President of South Africa, Mr. Nelson Mandela had once said that “Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world”. Thus, education can be considered as the systematic process of improving and enhancing the hidden skills inside us by which we develop the capacity to change our world at the social, political and economic level. If looked at beyond its conventional boundaries, education forms the very essence of all our actions. In summary, education is self-empowerment, the baseline for socio-economic development.

FEYReP’s intervention in terms of education are numerous with special emphasis on the girl child.
From inception, FEYReP has worked tirelessly to sensitize secondary school students on the dangers of teenage pregnancy, rape, and other Gender-Based Violence. They have also been encouraged to adopt the culture of breaking the silence on these crimes. Personal hygiene and moral values are also part of the sensitization exercise. The sole aim of these exercises is to raise girls who are morally responsible and position them to succeed in their chosen career.

Back To School Programme

Over the last five years, the Back-to-School Programme organized by FEYReP has been carried out religiously at the beginning of every academic year with the purpose of encouraging, assisting and supporting students and OVC by equipping them with educational kits and personal effects. Also, at the Divine Children’s Home, a shelter for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) supervised by FEYReP no fewer than 300 children ranging from ages 7 – 12 are sponsored to school up to tertiary institution.

Also, the SPECIAL EDUCATION CENTER is not an exception. Several visits to the center by FEYReP had exposed the absence of a decent kitchen and a dining hall. Hence it became imperative for FEYReP to build these facilities to aid in the student’s overall academic output.

As part of FEYReP’s education intervention scheme, the initiator of FEYReP has also built, equipped and handed over to the University of Uyo community an Arts gallery for the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts in memory of Professor Stella Idiong. Other notable palliatives in FEYReP’s educational intervention include the provision of students support/grants to over 426 students and scholarships to over 195 undergraduates in tertiary institutions within and outside the state.

By these interventions FEYReP has bridged the educational gap in our state, and secured the future of Akwa Ibom children.