The absence of shelter can trigger multiple social consequences for children, adults and families. SHELTER OF HOPE project by FEYReP is directly aimed at providing decent houses for indigent families, most who are widows with vulnerable children and are without safe and habitable shelter. The beneficiaries of this project are given a brand new and modestly furnished two/three bedroom houses with business grants to improve their economic lives.

Mrs Ofonmbuk Harrison is a widow with two surviving children. She lost her husband and son five years earlier. Early 2019, the house she lived in collapsed in a heap after a heavy downpour and for a long time, the ruins of her fallen house was all she had left to lay her head. When FEYReP’s team found her, she appeared mentally unstable and was barely coherent in her speech. She was taken to a psychiatric hospital where she spent a considerable amount of time undergoing medical and psychiatric evaluation and treatment until her recovery. She now lives in a brand new home provided for her and children by FEYReP.

This Woman was often taunted as the “woman in the tattered house”. She had lived in that pathetic condition until FEYReP found her and changed her story. She now lives in a decent house in Itu LGA.

Uwem Nna, a widower with five children was found in the worst living condition imaginable. He was relocated from his dingy little accommodation to a fully furnished 3 bedroom bungalow in Ikot Udoe, Ikot Ekpene LGA.

A grandmother who lost all her biological children and home now lives with her five grandchildren in a brand new home donated by FEYReP in Ibesikpo Asutan LGA.

An indigent grandmother with her grandchildren finds relief in FEYReP’S Shelter Of Hope in Onna L.G.A.
A couple with 14 children gets a new shelter from a rundown, rickety shack they once lived in.