Empowering Multiple Birth Families

In West Africa, the rate of twin births is four times higher than the global average, presenting a substantial financial challenge for families and severe hardship for low-income earners. A recent study by the University of Birmingham, supported by the Twin and Multiple Births Association, reveals that families with multiple births often face a drop in income and heightened financial stress compared to those with singletons.
Nigeria, a highly populated country in West Africa, witnesses numerous cases of multiple births. Ironically, many families blessed with multiple children struggle to care for them, leading to economic pressure. Mrs. Martha Emmanuel, through the Family Empowerment and Youth Reorientation Path-Initiative (FEYReP), has been a lifeline for over 1,000 Akwa Ibom families grappling with this challenge.
FEYReP’s comprehensive intervention includes health talks on hygiene and nutrition, donations covering crucial infant development, and empowerment of nursing mothers with seed funds for businesses.