Multi-purpose cooperative societies have been identified as having the potential to improve the economic condition of its members, providing facilities for better sustainability, better businesses and better living conditions as well as carry out work of common economic interest for the members.

In developing countries with limited access to opportunities, cooperative structures allow communities to pool together their resources to solve problems, identify common goals and target the causes and symptoms of poverty.

Against this backdrop and in line with one of its policy thrust of alleviating the socio-economic challenges of the people, the Family Empowerment and Youth Reorientation Path Initiative (FEYReP) kick- started its Multipurpose Cooperative Society (MPCS) to empower rural women through the issuance of interest-free loans. Family Empowerment and Youth Reorientation Path Initiative, Multipurpose Cooperative society is a novel Idea premised on the sole aim of improving the living conditions of women at the grassroots. So far the MPCS has in three separate phases reached out to five thousand (5000) identifiable beneficiaries.