The Transformation of Esther Idoh, A FEYReP Perspective

How It Started

Esther Godwin Idioh, a 28 years old lady from Nsasak in Essien Udim LGA, is a widow with 3 children (2 girls; 4 and 3yrs and a boy; 11month old).

She lost her husband who was much older than her to a heart attack that resulted to stroke that persisted for a while before he died in 2020.

She was driven out of her husbands house by her late husbands older children who accused her to be a gold digger. She was not allowed to take any of her belongings when she left the house.

Esther went with her 2 children at that time to stay with her grandmother, however, her stay was short because her late mother’s sibling saw her as a burden to the old woman, she then moved in with another man who promised to look after her and her children and cohabit with her. Esther got pregnant the 3rd time for this man but unfortunately, the man relocated to Lagos leaving no clue about his new location.

Esthers ordeal and struggles increased. She had a son from that cohabitation without the father. She did all sorts of menial jobs to feed herself and the children for over 3 years.

Point of Transition

In September, 2023, Esther Idioh visited FEYReP GBV unit for report and request for support for her 4yrs daughter; Destiny Idioh, who had been raped anally by a teenage son (15yrs) of her land lord. Destiny’s medical condition was critical, she could barely sit or pass excreter. She was anemic as well. On arrival at the GBV unit, full documentation was ensure concerning the girl’s case and referral was issued immediately for treatment at sexual assault response center (SARC), General hospital, Ikot Ekpene. As a follow-up of the case, petition for the arrest of the perpetrator was issued but he had absconded and is still on the run.

Esther, Destiny’s mother, informed that she had left the house where she was living with her children before the expiration of the rent, in searching for where to stay with the children it was at this point that a concerned pastor in certain church gave her permission to stay in the church premises pending when she could pay for a house for herself and her children. It was in the process of staying in the church that the pastor advised her to visit FEYReP for complains and needed support.

A journey; FEYReP Cares

After Destiny’s treatment, Esther and her children returned to FEYREP at the counselors invite. In the course of counseling, she narrated her struggles, frustrations, homelessness, her in ability to feed the children she carried out for help, additionally, she informed that the church premises, where she was at that time living, was not safe for children especially since she had no source of income. Finally, she informed that due to her movement from one place to another, her daughters, Destiny and her younger sister, Abasiofon, could not enroll in government school thus they are without education.


After 3 months of assessment on Esther’s case, the counselor took advantage of the GBV empowerment planned by the organization to equip her with a skill whereby she can be empowered and be equipped to enable her cater for her wards and any need that may arise. The counselor further approached the management of the organization to request for further help for Esthers. Due to her predicament and other reasons, she was enlisted to be given an accommodation and possibly house hold items. On the 18th of Dec. 2023, Esther was enrolled in FEYReP skill acquisition program for GBV survivors and she acquired a skill in soap, liquid detergents and cream making. Furthermore, she was given a start park to start up her production and on the 5th of January, 2024, she was given an accommodation fully paid for with some home appliances to make life easy for her and her children.

Esther was overwhelmed with joy and thus expressed gratitude for the kind service to humanity through the founder of FEYReP, for making her a house owner and empowering her for tomorrow. She assured that will put to use, the skill given to her for the wellbeing of herself and her children.

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