Light Up Africa Through the Lens of Children Project: Distribution Of Lamps in Schools

The Family Empowerment and Youth Reorientation PAth-Initiative (FEYReP), carried out her visit to schools for the distribution of solar lamps as part of the initiative of the Light Up Africa Through the lens of children project. This project which aims to provide sustainable lighting solution for in-school students in the under-served communities of Akwa Ibom State intends to further empower the children with the means to study and engage improved educational activities after sunset as well mitigate climate change in the communities.

Light Up Africa through the lens of children project is implemented by FEYReP in partnership with partnership with KUCOIN, Griffin Consulting FZCO and African partners WIRE-A and Smiling Simon Greenbuild Foundation. The president and founder of Smiling Greenbuild Foundation, who is also the national president- Women In Renewable Energy Association WIRE-A, Chief Dr Anita Nana Okuribido, who was in the visiting team, expressed gratitude to FEYReP for having so much compassion to ensure that illumination gets to the children who live in the under-served communities of Akwa Ibom State. She further thanked the principals of the visited schools for providing a safe environment for the students to obtain quality education. In her speech, she informed that based on funding availability, her foundation in partnership with FEYReP hopes to return to ensure provision of solar enabled bore holes and toilet facilities for clean hygiene for the students especially the female folks.

 She also informed that the lamps were also to mitigate climate change in their communities considering the increasing use of fossil fuel which in the long run may cause health challenges for the children.

Highlights of the visits ranged from an appreciation speech by the school principals and the senior prefect of the schools; who in their speeches appreciated FEYReP and her founder H.E. Dr. Martha Emmanuel, for choosing them to be beneficiaries of her benevolence as well they thanked the president of Smiling Simon Greenbuild Foundation who accompanied the team to ensure the project was carried out as expected. distribution of the solar lamps to the beneficiaries from the school was also ensured.

The project has taken a significant step toward addressing the educational challenges faced by the undeserved communities. The impact of providing solar lights goes beyond immediate academic improvements, fostering a sense of community empowerment and environmental responsibility.

This visits affirms the importance of sustainable initiative in enhancing the lives of children and communities, emphasizing the need for continues effort to bridge the educational gap and climate change mitigation through innovative solutions.

DAY 1; JAN 31, 2024

  • Southern Annang Secondary School, Ikot Okoro, Oruk Anam LGA
  • Community Secondary School, Afaha Obong, AbakLGA
  • Community Secondary School, Nto Osung, Ekpenyong Atai, Essien UdimLGA

DAY 2; FEB 1, 2024

  • Fransco Secondary Commercial School, Annanmmong, Itumbonuso, IniLGA

DAY 3; FEB 2, 2024

  • Community Secondary School Eyoabasi, Oron LGA

DAY 4; FEB 3, 2024

  • Community Secondary School Mkpat Enin LGA
  • Community Secondary School, Ikot Akpan Ishiet, Onna LGA

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